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Jean E. Dolin, Creative Director and Curator Jean E. Dolin, is a multi-disciplinary creative and documentary film director. He is currently an Executive Producer at Rainbow Tales, which produces LGBTQ+ storytelling and documentary content. Dolin, partnering with Huet and others, brought Portraits of Pride to life in order to showcase his hometown’s stories and its influential LGBTQ+ leaders. With Portraits of Pride, Jean hopes to generate support for longer-term initiatives to uplift Boston’s LGBTQ+ community in the arts including additional installations and the establishment of the first LGBTQ+ Museum in Boston.

John Huet, Photographer

The exhibit’s photographer, John Huet, is an American photographer who has captured stunning portraits of Olympic athletes for over 25 years. Huet is a master of portraiture who seeks to encapsulate the magic in the mundane, with work ranging from editorial spreads for Vogue to advertisements for Nike. His lens is accustomed to shooting powerful people on and off the field, including the latest freshman class of Congresswomen. Huet is the recipient of a Lucie Foundation photographer of the year 2021.

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